compensation system 1

Chosen Company: Google, Inc.

Since you will have researched the current compensation system your project will be a plan that outlines your recommendations for each of the discussed elements (e.g. structure, benefits, etc.). For example, perhaps through your research you have discovered that your selected organization has some incredible variances in pay. You would include your final project the suggested changes that you would recommend. These suggestions need to be supported with scholarly research. This is a great opportunity to evaluate the costs of compensation, compensation management, the different classifications of the workforce, etc.

Students will conduct an analysis on the current state of the compensation system and address the current pay structure used. Reference should be made to job-based and person-based structure. Analysis should reference sources of information for job analysis, job evaluation, pay design, and pay levels.

Students will conduct an analysis on the current state of the compensation system and address pay-for-performance and benefits. Reference should be made to individual and group incentives, performance appraisals, legally mandated benefits, options benefits, and benefit determination process. (Note – do not simply copy paste the benefits offered).

Students will conduct an analysis on the current state of the compensation system and address the compensation of special groups including executives, role of unions in compensating the employees, any international compensation, and any other extraordinarily compensation elements that impact this organization. Reference should be made to these different factors that impact the organization.

The body of the paper will be 15-20 pages. This does not include extraneous pages like title page, reference page, appendices. APA formatting standards are required. A minimum of 5 scholarly resources need to be used. An example of a scholarly resource can be an interview with an HR professional or a peer reviewed article from a University Library Journal Database. Course materials and personal experience do not count. A formal third person tone is required.

Supplemental information (e.g. worksheets that are currently being used) can be presented in Appendices but do not count toward the body of the paper.

The second part will be a Power Point presentation that you would present to the stakeholders of the program that briefly outlines your case As is the case with the written plan, you should also properly give credit to your sources in the PowerPoint.

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