complete dq below 14

1. Read this week’s Weekly Overview located in the attachment below. write your thoughts on it between 100-110 words)

2.Read Ch. 13 of Introduction to Health Care Management (3rd ed.). (write your thoughts on the chapter between 110-135 words)

3. (Respond back to post between 110-135 words)(ch.13) I found this passage to be fascinating when working in a team. I never knew how the stages could be outlined, but I’ve experienced the steps a couple of times working in a team setting. The five stages are forming, when the team is getting to know their assigned teammates and what the expectation will be. Storming, when the group begins to have a conflict of not working together as a team; different behaviors start to form. Norming, the group starts to agree on the roles and placing things in order. Performing, the group shares information and work together to accomplish the goal. Adjourning, the team has built a secure connection, which he/she does not want to move on to another team. Teammates have become friends and trust and respect one another.

4.Review Ch. 1 of Introduction to Health Care Management (3rd ed.) (write your thoughts on the chapter between 110-135 words)

5.(answer question between 140-150 words) Are teams more or less important in health care than in other organizations? Why? Discuss some advantages and disadvantages of team work. What are the critical stages of team development?

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