complete dq below 15

1.Read week threes Weekly Overview. Write your thoughts on it between 100-110 words

2.Read Ch. 4 of Introduction to Health Care Management (3rd ed. (Write your thoughts on it between 100-110 words)

3. (Read Ch. 4 Respond back to post between 100-105 words)One of the objectives in this chapter is to assess the importance of the 4 key features of thinking. One of the key features is mental representation which is the beginning point of thinking and sets the tone for what one knows and what one believes. Also mental representation is a form ones mental state in thinking. For example: If one cannot see, feel, hear, or touch something, it means that it is not there. Therefore the mindset in mental representation may be that it does not exist. Next is Information perception and processing. This is importance because this process determines the speed at which information is exchanged or interpreted. This is important especially in cases where one need to be quick on their feet and think fast in emergency situations for example. Next is the decision making process of thinking. This feature is importance because it sets the stage for rational solutions, problem solving skills, and thinking processes that makes those decisions fair and equal in all situations. The last feature is social cognition and emotion in thinking. This feature reveals importance because in social interactive environments that can determine bias, prejudices, and discrimination for example in social settings as well as work environments, thus determining cognitive and emotional behaviors in these settings.

4.Read Ch. 5 of Introduction to Health Care Management (3rd ed.)(Write your thoughts on it between 100-110 words)

5.Read Ch. 7 of Introduction to Health Care Management (3rd ed.).(Write your thoughts on it between 100-110 words)

6.The use of a SWOT analysis is a common method of comparing internal and external factors that affect an organization. What is the benefit of this type of analysis for a health care organization?

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