complete white paper on security in the electroinics healthcare record systems strict deadline



Summary of the Assignment:

Task: In this paper, you will write a document that provides information that an audience can use to inform a decision.

We have read various white papers in the class this semester. White papers can be technical papers, business benefit papers, advocacy papers, or hybrid technical/business papers. The CANRIGHT document that we read in class described all four of these types of white papers.

Length: 2000-3000 words ï‚·

Graphics: at least three graphics, two of which have to be original ï‚·

Format in Citing and Listing Sources: APA ï‚·

Number and of Sources: at least five sources, at least one of which has to be obtained through

In preparing for this assignment, you will want to review the following videos:
“White Papers: An Introduction to the Genre and Its Expectations,” from the Purdue OWL ï‚· “What is a White Paper?” by Mak Pandit
In addition, please review sample white papers in our class, especially any samples that were written by students.

How to Organize the White Paper: Please include the following sections in your white paper:
Executive Summary ï‚·

Introduction ï‚·

Previous Approaches ï‚·

New Findings ï‚·

Conclusion ï‚·


In the Executive Summary, summarize your research and your purpose. The executive summary should be a stand-alone document. It should be written in such a way that a busy executive could read the executive summary and know exactly what the paper is about without reading the rest of the paper.
In the Introduction, you lay the groundwork for your readers for the details that will be introduced in the white paper. If you need to define any terms, you will do so here. You might share an anecdote or illustration to describe why this topic is important.
In the Previous Approaches section, you will describe the approaches or strategies that have been previously used or are currently used on the topic. For example, if your white paper is being written to advertise a new taxi service in your area, you might review what transportation services are provided now. You could show the challenges or problems that the current services involve. In this section of the white paper, your use of sources will be very important. You should integrate research to show that the problems you have identified exist.
In the New Findings section, you present perhaps the most important information in the paper. In this section, you will describe the findings of your research and relate these findings to the purpose of your report. You will not only provide data and research, but you will also explain the data and research and why it is relevant to your report’s topic.

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