components of strategic management process questions 1

Please answer each question with a minimum of 150 words.

1.Class, as we review these readings we see that there is certainly a great amount of competition in the fast food industry and the airline industry. Share your thoughts on these questions, specifically focusing on the fast food and airline industries.

a. What are the characteristics of the current competitive landscape? What two factors are the primary drivers of this landscape?

b. According to the I/O model, what should a firm do to earn above-average returns?

2. Class, we have lived in times when it seems like corporate governance did not exist (ENRON, Worldcom, Etc.) What are your views on the following?

  • What is corporate governance?
  • What factors account for the considerable amount of attention corporate governance receives from several parties, including shareholder activists, business press writers, and academic scholars?
  • Why is governance necessary to control managers’ decisions?
  • What is meant by the statement that ownership is separated from managerial control in the corporation? Why does this separation exist?
  • What could ENRON have done that might have made a difference?

3.Class, I think we can all agree that organizations rise or fall based on leadership. Share your thoughts on the following.

a. What is strategic leadership?

b. What must strategic leaders do to develop and sustain an effective organizational culture?

4.As a strategic leader, what actions could you take to establish and emphasize ethical practices in your firm?

5.3M’s Culture of Innovation

6.Innovation for Business Customers

7.Invisible Innovation

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