conflict discussion 2

Complete the conflict handling assessment to learn more about your tendencies in dealing with conflict. Remember, this is not how you *always* handle conflict, but what style you more usually resort to using. The assessment can be found with your Chapter material on Blackboard.

Upon completing the assessment and the scoring (pages 1-2), read the descriptions of the styles along with the class slides and lecture video on the appropriateness of each style. Answer the following questions in your post:


  1. Which conflict handling style(s) do you tend to use most often?
  2. Can you think of an example where you used that style and it was effective? What about an example where it was not effective?
  3. How can this knowledge of conflict handling styles improve your relationships with others (in the workplace or other spheres of life)?

You are required to post your thoughts (at least 150 words)

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