contemporary global environments

Objective: Examine contemporary global HR practices to evaluate operations and managerial performance.

Introduction: HRM is more for the international company than for its domestic counterparts. Besides dealing with HRM needs in its home market, the international company must adjust its HRM practices for a variety of reasons related to customs, culture, and government regulatory restrictions and policy. These differences can impede employee relations and ultimately productivity. International human resources needs are partially determined by the firm’s degree of globalization (business structure, relationship position, and foreign investments) and by its relative degree of centralization versus decentralization. Since the functionality of HR is central to a firm’s success, top managers should adopt a strategic perspective.
Write a multi-paragraph response.;
Activity Details
Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Conduct research on two international corporations.
Using at least 4 online resources and professional academic resources to conduct research on the HR management processes for the recruitment of international managers. Consider the challenges that each company when recruiting managers for international assignments. Consider the following topics for your research and inquiries:
Compare and contrast standardized and customized programs for international business managers.

Describe the performance appraisal process and explain its importance in the training of international business managers.

Examine management methods of HR planning and analysis, equal employment opportunity, staffing, labor-management relations, and health and safety.

Describe the legal, political, economic, social, cultural, and technological aspects that challenge a multinational company.
Step 2: Summarize your findings.
Summarize the findings of your research in 6-page paper to be turned in for grading.

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