ESSAY TOPIC: (choice one topic)

1. Epistemology as Modern Problematic

2. The Right Questions of Epistemology

3. Knowledge vs Opinion

 4. Understanding Empiricism

5. Understanding Rationalism

6. Evidence as Epistemological Proof

7. Descartes’ Methodic Doubt: Starting Point in Philosophy

8. Descartes’ Proof on God’s Existence: As Guarantee of Existence of World

9. Hume’s Impression as Epistemological Starting Point: Standpoint of Science

10. Descartes’ foundation of Truth: What is Clear and Distinct in the Mind?

11. Hume’s foundation of Truth: What is Vivid and Forceful in the Senses.

12. John Locke’s Epistemological Theory: The Mind is Empty or Tabula Rasa

13. Berkeley’s Epistemological Theory: To Exist is to be Perceived.

14. Kant’s Epistemological Foundation: What is Universal and Necessary?

Contents may include:

1.  Introduction to the significant of the choice of topic. Why the topic is important to you?

2.  The body of essay:

Discuss the topic (from all units discussed) thoroughly

Is the topic life-changing moments in your life as a student? Relate the topic to how can philosophy affect your lives in the future

Any plans to make the significance relevant to you, to others and to society as a whole?

3.  References of sources/ bibliography validates credibility of your data or information

4.  Minimum of 2 pages, maximum of 5 pages double spaced; any writing style or format.

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