cs125 c language homework 7

This assignment combines what we did in class this week, with bits from assignment 2 (min, max, sum, mean) and assignment 4 (randomBetween). Other than that it’s just a bunch of functions where each one takes an array and length and loops through the array.

Like assignment 5, this assignment started out as one of Dr. Jaffe’s assignments. Unfortunately, because of a slight difference in the composition, I was only able to preserve a little of his colorful discussion. In this assignment, some of the functions are called by other functions. That’s how we break a bigger problem into smaller problems.

Again, like assignment 5, you are being given a fair amount of code to get you started on the right track. You must use this code and may not change any of the prototypes.

Here is the description: CS125_Asmt07_array.pdf

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