culture 6

Your responses should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 300–400 words in length. You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word making sure to follow APA format and cite all references used.

  1. How is cross-cultural work more demanding, challenging, and energy-draining compared to work with same culture clients?
  2. Chapter 3 of your textbook Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services includes a candid discussion of the fear and anxiety associated with cross-cultural helping. What fears or anxieties do you have related to working with culturally diverse clients? What have you done already to alleviate those fears?
  3. What approach will you take with initiating a therapeutic discussion of race and ethnicity in your cross-cultural work with clients?


Title: Cultural Diversity: A Primaer for the Human Services Edition: 5th (2014) Author: Jerry V. Diller Publisher: Cengage Learning Book ISBN: 978-1-285-07540-2

Read Chapters 3 and 16 in your textbook Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services.

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