This week for our lab you will create profiles and roles. From our readings we have discussed the use of profiles and roles as access control methods.

A user privilege is the right to run a particular type of SQL statement, or the right to access an object belonging to another user, run a PL/SQL package, and so on. The types of privileges are defined by Oracle Database.

Roles are created by users (usually administrators) to group together privileges or other roles. They are a means of facilitating the granting of multiple privileges or roles to users.

For our discussion please consider and expand on the following questions:

1) What is the difference between a database user and a schema?

2) There are users who have sysadmin rights on the entire database. is this a setting for a suer/schema or are there users who are not a schema?

3) How does this schema relate to roles?

4) Explain when and why you would use roles. For example: Assuming you have a human resources database, if you want three different users for a database: (one who can udpate it, one who can only view it, and one who cannot view salaries), how would you set that up?

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