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Network Systems Design

Database Vulnerability

Use the vulnerability database available on to complete the case project on page 154 of the textbook. Use this site to research three common vulnerabilities associated with the rlogin application. Next, write at least a two page paper in current APA format that lists each of vulnerabilities you discovered, how they affect the targeted systems, actions that can be taken to secure the systems, and provide information on an alternate application that can be used instead of rhost, if one is available.

Case project on page 154


Rlogin is a software utility for Unix-like computer operating systems that allow users to log in o another host via network, communicating via TCP port 513. Rlogin is most commonly deployed on corporate or academic networks, where user account information is shared between all the Unix machines on the network (often using NIS). But rlogin does have serious security problems. Please list rlogins security problem

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