Decoding Plato’s Allegory of the Cave 

(Christopher Biffle, Landscape of Wisdom p.198) 

Individual Reflection Activity

The Allegory is a symbolical story. Each part of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” represents a different aspect of his philosophy. For Example, the sun represents the highest form, the form of the Good. What do each of the following represent? 

(Note: Relate the Allegory of the Cave to your Life as a Student who seems like you are living in a cave chained, need to be freed to see the light. There is not one correct answer for this exercises. You are graded for this exercises.) 

1. The shadows in the cave __________________________________________________________. 

2. The prisoners ______________________________________________________________________. 

3. The prisoner’s chains ______________________________________________________________. 

4. The fire ___________________________________________________________________________. 

5. The one who releases the prisoners ________________________________________________. 

6. The prisoner who get released ____________________________________________________. 

7. The journey out of the cave ______________________________________________________. 

8. The released prisoner’s confusion on emerging from the cave ______________________. 

9. The return to the cave ___________________________________________________________. 

10. The rejection of the other prisoners when the released prisoner returns ______________. 

(Use separate paper/s if necessary for longer reflection answers) 

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