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Case Study

Decision Making in Financial Institution ABC Credit Corporation is a financial institution fully owned by the state govt. And under the portfolio of State Ministry of Finance. It mission is to encourage economic development through strategic disbursement of various kinds of loans.

ABC Corporation is divided into two main divisions-operational and administration. The operational division manages the process for loan arrangements in various situations like agriculture, housing, hire purchase etc. Corporation has a good support of an MIS for various decision-making activities at strategic, tactic and operational level.

  1. Strategic level: for introduction of new service to be offered by the corporation, shift MIS can be useful e.g., introduction if new schemes at lower interest rates can be offered for small business groups.
  1. Management level: evaluation of performance of various types of loan’s schemes can be done on the basis of some indicators and this indicators information can be vital tool for future budget allocation on various future activities.
  1. Operational level: All the transactions related to repayment of loans, interest, etc. Are managed by MIS and used for costumer’s enquiries related to current schemes/offers, interest rates, or outstanding balances etc.

MIS can be used to support structured, unstructured and semi-structured decisions e.g., providing complete application, meeting all the requirements for mortgage purpose, and the application where some criteria are met can be referred to the manager to make an informed decision.

MIS is supported by various sub-systems for different functional areas such as: personnel, training and legal issues, assets management, fund management etc., to assist the mainstream activity of recording customers details and repayments of loans and is continuously added and upgraded by MIS.

Q1. What is the challenge faced by ABC Credit Corporation?

Q2. How is decision at management level improving or likely to improductivity in future

Q3. What important does decisions on strategic level and operational level hold for ABC Credit Corporation

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