discrimination in society 1

For the Unit VI Assignment, you will be writing a three-page essay addressing discrimination in society by answering a series of response questions applying concepts you learned in this unit’s reading (gender and race/ethnicity).

Please use the following topics related to discrimination for your assignment:

  • Gender discrimination that occurs at work, home, in the media, and/or in the community.

For this assignment, complete Part A, Part B, and Part C as follows:

Part A: Introduce the topic. What form of discrimination are you discussing? Where does it occur? Who is affected? How serious of an issue is this in the society in which you live? Include general information about the issue and also provide specific examples. Examples can be from your own experience and/or from research material.

Part B: As part of introducing your issue, it is required that you apply one or more of the perspectives (functionalism, interactionism, or conflict theory) to help explain why this type of discrimination occurs. (See page 294 and 325 in your textbook for information on applying the perspectives to these topics.)

Part C: Discuss solutions. What are some things that are currently being done to address this form of discrimination? If you were a community organizer tasked with creating a program to address this form of discrimination, what type of program would you create? What role can an individual take to help fight against this type of discrimination and promote equal treatment in his or her community?

For this assignment, ensure you follow the requirements below:

  1. Answer ALL the questions listed in Part A, Part B, and Part C in your assignment.
  2. Please answer the response questions in essay-style format. You will not be rewriting each question and answering it. You will be creating an essay that addresses the response questions. You are required to write an introduction to your essay. The following tutorial from CSU’s Writing Center on introductions is a great helpful resource. Click on the link to view this tutorial: http://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/introductionsandconclusions/
  3. Use the sociological terms and concepts from the textbook reading in your essay to demonstrate you understand and can apply the concepts. This will help reinforce social and cultural awareness for addressing social issues like discrimination in society.
  4. Cite two peer-reviewed articles from the CSU Online Library. You may use your textbook and any other sources in addition to the required two article citations. APA style in-text citations are required to show how the peer-reviewed articles were used in your essay. An APA style reference list containing any sources you cited in the assignment is also required. The following tutorial from CSU’s Writing Center on in-text citations is a great helpful resource. Click on the link to view this tutorial: http://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/intextcitations/ (ATTACHED BELOW ARE TWO ARTICLE PLEASE FIT THEM IN THERE SOMEWHERE YOU JUST HAVE TO SITE THEM BOTH ONCE)

For helpful information concerning peer-reviewed articles and how to identify them, access this tutorial by the CSU Writing Center, which can be found at: http://columbiasouthern.adobeconnect.com/peer_reviewed_articles/

The essay should be a minimum of three pages and should use the following APA style components: APA style title page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and 12-point font.

Note: The rubric for this assignment contains a task section. Your task score is based on the following: (a) the page requirement is met; (b) whether unit terms and concepts are directly identified and specifically labeled; (c) all parts of each question are directly answered and clearly demonstrated; and (d) whether two peer-reviewed articles were cited.

The rubric grading criteria involves relevant, informative, and on-topic content. The criteria are based on whether you use in-depth critical analysis and remain on the topic of the questions being asked in the assignment instructions.

Please contact your instructor if you have any questions about the assignment or the unit’s course material.

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