8 to 12 pages – double spaced, margins no greater than 1″, font no larger than 12

2000 and up words

Should be plagiarism free. Turnitin is used to check for plagiarism. English should be top quality.

Whatever resources you use, make sure to reference them and include intext citations. Must follow scoring rubric I have attached.

Below is Case:

Despite this setback, Netflix continued to believe that by providing the cheapest and best subscription-paid, commercial-free streaming of movies and TV shows it could still rapidly and profitably fulfill its envisioned goal to become the world’s best entertainment distribution platform.


1.To discuss the merits of the Rebranding Decision at Netflix.

2.To discuss Netflix’s new pricing structure.

3.To discuss domestic/international online growth opportunities.

4.To discuss streaming vs. mail order distribution.

5.To discuss original content strategies.

In addition, you will analyze the following in the case analysis:

•Roman Numeral I will include the Current Situation of Netflix and Historical background)

•Roman Numeral II will include all the governance information i.e. CEO, COB, VPs, Board of Directors, etc.

•Application of the Pearce and Robinson Strategic Management Model

• Did Netflix underestimate the push-back from their price increase? (III. External Analysis)

• Did Netflix underestimate the bad publicity from their new pricing structure? (III. External Analysis) 

• Did Netflix underestimate the number of subscription cancellations that resulted from their new pricing structure? (IV. Internal Analysis)

• Is Netflix actually correct in moving from mail order distribution to online streaming? (IV. Internal Analysis)

•Discussion of implications of the case for middle managers. (IV. Internal Analysis)

• Did Netflix implement too quickly? (V. Analysis of Strategic Factors) 

• Can Netflix compete with Amazon Prime? (V. Analysis of Strategic Factors)

•Roman Numeral VI will be Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategies that could be implemented by Netflix

•Roman Numeral VII will be your concluding remarks

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