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Part 1

Discussion: Assessment Beyond Grades:

Assessments are an important part of K-12 education. Different types of assessments, such as formative and summative, are used for different purposes. Summative assessments often occur at the end of a unit or a school year to assess whether or not students have successfully met the learning objectives. They tend to be high-stakes tests, in that they often have a high point value and can have a considerable impact on student grades. In contrast, formative assessments tend to carry a lower point value, sometimes no point value, and are used during a unit to determine if modification is needed to more fully support student learning.

Main Response

For this discussion, we will be focusing on formative assessment, and how it can be used effectively in K-12 ELA education. Consider the lessons you have observed, as well as the lesson plans you have created, for the online and face to face sections of this class. Develop a main response in which you:

  • Summarize the characteristics of effective formative assessments.
  • Differentiate formative assessments from summative assessments.
  • Explain how formative assessments can be used to differentiate instruction and guide other aspects of future lesson planning.

Part 2

Discussion 5.1: A New Student with Cerebral Palsy

Imagine you are a classroom teacher and have been called into a meeting where you were told that a new student would be joining your class tomorrow. This student is identified as having spastic cerebral palsy that is hemiplegic on the right side of their body. This student makes guttural sounds, but is non-verbal.

What questions you might ask the principal and service providers to ensure that you and your class is ready for the student and why?

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