discussion 652

All questions need to be answered below. All responses will need to be backed by citing in the correct format.

Discussion short response- Think back on principles of financial management discussed in this chapter as well as key principles regarding board responsibilities and executive leadership . How does the case of Hull House relate to each of these principles?

This question should be a little more detailed since it is more assignment response related. Watch the video Financial Management for Nonprofits: Key Roles for Non-Financial Staff. Lecture in 2012 by Paul Konigstein, Principal, Mission First France. Write a short synopsis on some of the items that are important for financial security of nonprofits.

Separate from above.

Discussion short response. In cases 13.1 a-g on pages 366-67, do the ethical issues involve behavior of a fund-raiser, conditions placed on the gift, the impact of the gift on the organization’s mission and resources, characteristics or personal reputation of the donor, or concerns about privacy?

How would you have handled the issues raised by each case?

Assignment response needed. Mayor Booker Addresses the role of corporate philanthropy. Write your thoughts about what you learned about corporate philanthropy.

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