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Unit 2: Discussion – Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

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In each unit, your are required to respond to discussion question based on the unit topics. You are required to post a minimum of three posts in the Unit Discussion. You must post on at least 2 different days during the unit.

  1. Initial Post – Post a response to ONE of the posted discussion questions (250-300 words)by Thursday 11:59 pm CT. Your initial posting should incorporate and refer to concepts/ideas found in your unit readings as well as personal examples and illustrations.
  2. Response Posts – Post TWO responses to peer postings that respond to ideas and submission of your classmates (100 -150 words each) by Sunday 11:59 pm CT. Your peer responses need to go beyond agreement with your classmate. Each peer response should contain personal examples, applications, or additional information that promotes further discussion. Specific examples and applications receive more credit than generalized/vague statements.


  1. In order to receive full credit and give your classmates the opportunity to respond to your posting must be posted on time. Original postings that are posted after Thursday 11:59 pm CT will incur a 5-point late penalty.
  2. There is also a 5-point penalty for failure to post responses on at least two different days.
  3. Please address classmates by their names in your postings to avoid confusion that sometimes happens with replies.

Discussion Topics

Chapter 2 Discussion

  1. What is a suspended sentence? Distinguish between the different types of suspended sentences in Missouri: http://www.stlcriminallawyers.com/St-Louis-Criminal-Defense-Blog/2011/August/What-is-the-Difference-Between-SIS-and-SES-proba.aspx (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. How does each impact the offender? In your own words, explain the Killits case and how it influenced the development of modern probation. Be sure to discuss the background of the case, the trial, and the post-ruling impact.
  2. Explain the concept of diversion/deferred adjudication. Review the two cases at the end of the chapter (pp. 39-40). Decide whether each case should or should not be diverted and why. Be sure to refer to information in text regarding good candidates for diversion when explaining your decisions.
  3. How has the concept of supervision changed over the past century? What factors have brought about these changes? Are you comfortable with where we are headed with community supervision, or do you think earlier models should receive a second look? Support your answer with outside sources and examples.

Chapter 3 Discussion

  1. How/why did parole develop in the United States? How did parole fit into what is known as the Medical Model of corrections? Why did this model fall out of favor? What is the Justice Model and how does it contrast with the medical model?
  2. What role does parole play in the 21st Century? What are its functions? How do you feel about discretionary vs. mandatory release? What are some of the pros and cons of abolishing parole? Support your answer with outside sources and examples.
  3. How do you feel about medical parole? Should terminally ill and/or elderly prisoners be medically paroled? Why or why not? In formulating your answer, review the case studies on page 55 and the criteria used to determine medical parole. Based on the criteria outlined, do you feel that either or both of these offenders should be medically paroled? Why or why not?
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