discussion and comments

Discussion: Think of a business process that you think could use improvement (class registration, online ordering, in store customer service, etc.).

Create a functional process representation of what the process problem is (an As-Is process model) as well as To-Be process model that shows your improvements. (one post, at least 150-200 words)

Two short comments on students initial posts: (50-100 words)

Student one:

The process in which I think needs the most or could be improved the most would be online ordering. The functional process model is as follows: 1.the customer sees an item that they like and then goes to order that product, 2. then the inventory is checked, and it is not available then the customer will get a notice saying they are out of stock 2B. if the item is there then the customer goes into the next phase. 3. This is when the customer’s credit is checked or when the customer mode of payment is processed, if the card is declined or if there is insufficient funds the card will be rejected.3B if the card or mode of payment is excepted then the customer goes to the next part of the process. 4. This is the part where the terms of the sale are spelled out and the customer has the chance to accept or deny, if the customer doesn’t accept the terms the sale is terminated. 4B. If the customer does accept the offer the order is then placed and the customer gets what they want.

This is a good process but where I think a lot of revenue is lost is in steps 2 and 2B. Recently for me I have had to order new outfits for my employees and in doing so I found that the brand that I use is not on the market anymore. In steps 2 and 2B when the order comes up out of stock I think a really great idea for improvement would be the website showing you other makes and models that are of similar quality and price or a place where they might be better off finding the product. This would not only help the customer because there is now an alternative and this would help the suppliers to because they would move more of the higher end products if the customer decided on going with them. It also would help the sellers build relationships with other companies and help broaden their network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Student two:

At my job, I can see that we need to improve the overall payroll process because I had received plenty of paychecks that came up short. Due to my manager typing in incorrect hours worked. We in 2018 and we still use paper timesheets that need to change. Also, my other co-workers have the same issue as well.

This is our current process for processing payroll:

1. Manager posts our assigned events on the calendar.

2. The employee arrives at the station, load the truck with our required supplies for the event.

3. employee come back to the station unload the truck, fill out our timesheet via our station computer. print then signed

4. On Mondays, our manager input our hours into a spreadsheet and submit to payroll

5. Our payroll clerk inputs our hours into the payroll system, then she submits it to corporate.

The new process:

Step 3 need improvement, our company can implement an electronic timesheet, we can input our hours into a web-based time capture application after we come back from our event.

Step 4 manager login on to the timesheet application, approve the hours that was inputted by the employee. So there is no need to type our hours into a spreadsheet manually. Once he is finished, he submitted it our payroll clerk. Overall, happier employees getting paid the correct amount. No more inaccurate paychecks.

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