discussion english 120

from reading book the complete presepolis

Answer these questions

  1. In the last pages of Persepolis, Marjane’s father tells her, “We Iranians, we’re crushed not only by the government but by the weight of our traditions!” (339). Why do Marjane’s parents and grandmother choose to stay in this repressive society when leaving does not seem that difficult?
  2. Do you approve of Marjane’s parents decision to send her out of the country on her own at age fourteen (148 ff)? Can you imagine your parents doing the same?
  3. What does being Iranian mean to Marjane as she adjusts to life as an exile in Austria?
  4. How would you describe the style of Satrapi’s drawings? How does this style contribute to the story that she tells?
  5. What price is Marjane finally willing to pay for freedom? What indications are there that this last departure will be more successful than the previous one?
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