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You are the HR director of a company. Your CEO comes to you and says that he is having various issues with the office manager. Over the past few weeks, the office manager has been arriving at work consistently late. His direct supervisor has spoken to him several times about it, and the manager says that he is having “personal issues”. Sometimes during the day, although his jacket is thrown over his chair in his office, no one can find him or reach him for several hours at a time. The CEO suspects that he is slipping out of work during the day to resolve other issues. Most of his reports are late, and when he does turn them in, there are often frequent errors in the reports.

The CEO wants to terminate the office manager immediately, but is willing to listen to your advice on progressive discipline and what should be done with this employee.

He is also concerned that the employee might retaliate by claiming discrimination, since he is part of a minority group.

Pick a specific state and write out a plan for the CEO, consistent with the state law, including steps of progressive discipline, timing, documentation, and ultimately, termination, if the earlier steps do not achieve the needed results.

Include steps that can be taken and documentation that may be needed to protect the company against a possible claim of discrimination.

See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussion posting days and times. Read background articles. This discussion requires additional research beyond reading the articles. I have added this comment from my Discussion Requirements because it appears some of you missed my requirement that you must submit your intial comments to each discussion questions by midnight each Thursday for full credit. Also you must substantively respond to at least two other student comments in this discussion no later than 10pm Sunday.

Use a minimum of two HR/legal references to support your conclusions. Here is one to get you started.


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