discussion post 108

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Your explanation of your interaction with the PIWIK software is true and justified. Web traffic is one of the most important aspect in the business s world today. Companies need information on the number of people visiting a site, where they are from, who they are and what they are interested in. these statistics help them know their focus group and be able to concentrate on them. I fully agree with you that Piwik is a software that is designed to offer information to anyone in a simplified manner as everyone can deduce the information easily from the site. The information constantly changes and the way statistics were yesterday may not be the way they are today. By applying this software to get information, assist organizations in seeing the website behavior of the customers and will allow to see what is working and what is not based on the activity. Information is power and this application seeks to empower individuals and web sites owners by creating a way of accessing the treads followed by their visitors, which can make marketing more productive and simplified. Your description is adequate and you have not left out any of the important features.

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