discussion program evaluation overview

To prepare

Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on:

  • The steps that make up the program evaluation process
  • The objectives-based approach to program evaluation
  • The Program Evaluation Standards related to ethical issues

Post the following for Dr. Jones: This is the assignment that needs to be completed

  • Compare the objective-based, decision-based, and participatory approaches to program evaluation, including the benefits and challenges of each approach.
  • Explain how you will apply objective-based program evaluation components and procedures to your identified program.
  • Identify and discuss ethical dilemmas related to your role as a program evaluator and how your personal beliefs and/or biases may influence accomplishing objectives.
  • Support your post with two or more references to this week’s Learning Resources and/or scholarly sources within the last 5 years beyond the course material.


Chen, H. T. (2015). Practical program evaluation: Theory-driven evaluation and the integrated evaluation perspective (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Chapter 2, “Understand Approaches to Evaluation and Select Ones That Work” (pp. 35–57)

Spaulding, D. T. (2014). Program evaluation in practice: Core concepts and examples for discussion and analysis (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Chapter 3, “In-Depth Look at the Objectives-Based Approach to Evaluation” (pp. 59–67)





The logic model flowchart is my topic choice.

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