discussion question 456

The role of the heroine has evolved over time, originally functioning as a prop for the male protagonist for years until she reached a more active and defined individual who better reflected women’s role in an evolving society. Female characters now have eight archetypes of their own. Choose, identify, and explore at least two of these archetypes, applying them to a minim of two of the following selections of female characters across disciplines from our text, specifically: a. The nameless narrator of “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Literature) b. Nora, the wife in A Doll’s House (Theater) c. Artemesia Gentileschi (Art) For each character (fictional or historic), explain her traits, background, occupation, and flaws (to the best of your ability); definite and identify her archetype; explore her role in her fictional work or her impact on her discipline; and discuss the heroic concepts of this individual as it reflects the evolution of the “heroine.” Use your Cowden “Screenwriters” packet and Janaro’s Art of Being Human for citations and support, as well as your ability to draw inferences, recall our discussion, and articulate your own insights with plenty of support and examples.

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