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This week’s prompt is to read the following review of a Fort Myer’s production of

Othello, and then, whether or not you are familiar with the Shakespeare play, discuss the relevance of theater and its themes in modern life. For context, click on the second link provided about modern Boston theater. You can think of a show or movie that borrows from Shakespearean or theatric themes or devices (such as the soliloquy discussed in our chapter….think Zack Morris in “Saved By The Bell,” if you’ve ever seen that), or discuss a play you’ve actually seen. You can even discuss a movie version of that play, as long as you are specific and provide examples.

Another option is to discuss a modern show or movie based on an original play. For example, “Sons of Anarchy” has its roots in Hamlet, and there are many other examples you can find on your own. The specific prompt is as follows:

Choose and identify a recent theatrical experience you have had: this may involve seeing a play, or a movie or show based on or inspired by a play or theatrical event.

1. Identify the play/movie/show

2. Identify the time period of the original play.

3. After reading the brief review of Othello (found below, although the pictures might not show up on all computers), identify some themes of your chosen play (movie/show), and discuss the relevance of theater in today’s society. Is it outdated or still relevant? Are more modern authors (such as the creators of “South Park,” who recently produced The Book of Mormon) far more relevant than Shakespeare, for example? Why or why not?

I. Othello Review

Othello opened October 12 at The Laboratory Theater of Florida. While the mere mention of Shakespeare has a tendency to put off many modern-day theater-goers, the themes explored by this play give it a timeless relevancy that astounds and astonishes audiences of all ages and demographic backgrounds.

Start with race and sexuality. Othello is black; his wife, Desdemona, white. Factor in domestic violence. Othello kills Desdemona in her bed. But what is really at the heart of this tragedy is the mental make-up of a psychopath who wantonly employs race, suspicion and jealousy to exact vengeance for the triviality of simply being passed over for a job promotion.

Tim Gunderman plays the role of Iago, the supreme puppet master in the play. “Iago uses Desdemona as the means for his revenge,” observes Artistic Director Annette Trossbach. “He’s determined to kill Cassio, who got the position he wanted, and he’s determined to ruin Othello. Every character is a potential pawn for Iago.”

Othello is study of the warping influence of suspicion and jealousy.

Othello is study of the warping influence of suspicion and jealousy.

Photo credit:

Courtesy of Laboratory Theater of Florida.

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The title character is played by the dynamic Vladimy Bellefleur who was last seen as the violent Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet for Lab Theater, and who also acts extensively in local film projects. Desdemona is played by Stella Ruiz, whose poignant performance as Ophelia last season delighted audiences. Most of the remaining cast members have been seen in Shakespeare productions in Southwest Florida and bring that experience and skill to the production.

The costumes are Elizabethan, setting the show in the early 1600s.

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