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Discussion 1

Stratisfied Sampling is when you put the population into groups, randomly pick from the group and do your data on that population. For example: taking 10 patients from each unit of the hospital and collecting data from only those patients.

Cluster Sampling is putting the population in groups, then you pick certain groups and collect data on all of the population in those selected groups. For example: picking certain units in the hospital and collecting data from all of the patients on that unit.

Random Sampling is randomly picking from the whole population for data collection. For example: Randomly picking patients in the hospital and asking them to fill out a patient survey.

Systemic Sampling is picking from the population by choosing every 5th person or every 10th person, etc. For example: If you have 50 patients, you may want to choose every 5th patient to participate in a survey.

Convenience Sampling is picking a sample of the population that is easy to describe. For example: You may want to conduct a survey of only the patients who have blonde hair or only those who are in there 50’s.


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Discussion 2

A sample is a “sub collection of members selected from a population” (GCU,2009). A sample is simply a group of people who were chosen from a population for research purposes.

A random sample ensures all members of a population have equal opportunity to be selected. For example, I previously worked at a long-term care facility and HR randomly selected three names (from a sealed container) every month to complete mandatory drug testing. Three names were arbitrarily selected from 200 employees monthly. This is a simple random sample.

Cluster sampling involves separating the population and randomly placing participants into small groups (clusters). For instance, there are three units housed on the 5 th floor at my hospital (5 East, 5 West and 5 South). The nurses working on each unit is the cluster. Therefore, we have three clusters of nurses on the 5 th floor. If state came to survey one unit on the 5 th floor, and picked the 5 South cluster, this is a model of cluster sampling. Marketing research is often achieved through cluster sampling.

Systemic sampling selecting a specific area to begin and then selecting additional elements in a pattern (example: every other element). We see systemic sampling with out hand washing police when they complete their spot handwashing checks. For instance, if the spot checkers begin their journey in the ED and then observe hand washing techniques in every other element the elements listed in blue would be observed:

ED— 1W—-2E—-2w—-OB—3E—3W—-3S—4E—4W—4S—5E—5W—5S.

Grocery stores, fashion boutiques, and candy companies utilize systemic sampling to evaluate their product and purchasing routines of the customer.

Stratified sampling includes separating the population into groups (strata) (GCU,2009). The population shares similar qualities and the researcher selects a sample from the strata groups. For example, there are three units on the 5 th floor, each unit has a separate shared leadership committee, so the nurses in these separate leadership committees make up different groups (strata).The CNO must choose one nurse from each group (strata) to represent the hospital at a Shared Governance conference. This is stratified sampling. A political survey is another example of stratified sampling.

Convenience sampling involves gathering data that is easily attained. This involves randomly selecting friends, peers, or co-workers and utilizing them as your sample. You are gathering data from acquaintances or the purpose of information. This method is cost effective and easy. Volunteering for a study and choosing the first five names from a list is considered convenience sampling (Explorable,2009). This method is frequently used to find the answer to a specific question to obtain data.

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Discussion 3

Simple random sampling is used for websites frequently and is being equal in representation. The most common forms are computer generated. Another way is by assigning numerical values to the participants. Bingo might be a form of this type of statistical sampling.

Convenience sampling is easy to obtain by enrolling in a questionnaire that is generic in form and can be applied on line. This is like the evaluation that is filled out at the end of a CEU presentation.

Cluster sampling would be when you have an evident group to be questioned. This might be found if questioning a group of GLBT. This would be a specific group that would be questioned since they are a select group of people.

Stratified random sampling would be used in a group where some variables are a given. If the group questioned is in a retirement village then age, medical diagnosis, and income level might be a given variable.

Sampling with replacement would be in a drawing where the participants names would be returned to the drawing for a second or third chance at winning again. This might be found in a drawing at work or church for a prize.

Networking would be found within a select group, profession, or practice. This would be found in an association such as ANA. This group might question the participants regarding work place concerns or pay scale.

Theoretical sampling is done to prove a certain theory. The theory is proposed and then the questionnaires are derived to prove or disprove the theory.


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