·Critical Thinking question: â€œBelieving that supplements provide the nutrients that her body needs, Alice regularly takes numerous supplements while paying relatively little attention to her daily food choices”.

·Yourtwo evidences should document how Alice’s practice could lead to health problems.

·INITIAL POST must include:

Position Statement (At least 200 words are required.)

·Include TWO evidences (data or quotes from your references) that support the position that Alice’s practice could lead to health problems. This must be documented evidence, NOT personal opinion.

·Cite the source for the data or quotes you used at the end of each evidence statement. Eg. (Jones 2007) or (2) the number corresponding to the reference list.

Reference List (At least TWO references are required.)

·References must be from notable, professional health or nutrition resources other than your text. Do not use Wikipedia.

·Citation must include Author, Title, Website. 

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