discussion what made you curious

Human curiosity has spawned some of the greatest technological advancements of each respective generation. Cell phones, the internet, televisions, even automobiles were the stuff of science fiction before becoming reality. In today’s world, if you can imagine it, we can probably build it. In the previous theme, you learned how to evaluate scientific information from a variety of sources. For this learning block, you will continue to gain practice in evaluation as you reflect on your own interest in the news story you selected in the Theme 1 topic exploration graphic organizer. Why is curiosity important to the scientific process? Curiosity drives the scientific process and its components, which we will further discuss in the next learning block.

Review the news story that you chose to complete the topic exploration graphic organizer from Theme: Understanding the Scientific Process and complete the following: Explain the article in your own words, providing a brief summary.

Why did you select this news story for scientific and personal study? In other words, what was it about the news story that interested you or made you curious?

When responding to your peers’ posts, consider the following: Is their reasoning clear? Does it make sense to you? Where might there similarly be room for interpretation in your own post, and how might you clarify? Your review of your peers’ posts will help inform your approach to your Project 2: Question Development Worksheet submission.

As you complete this assignment, note that your answers to these questions or closely related questions will be part of your Project 2: Question Development Worksheet submission, which is due at the end of this theme.

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