discussions and assignment

1 .Do you track your progress in any activity, such as running, dieting, and skill level in a sport or video game? Why or why not? What does this indicate about your desire for feedback?

2 .Discuss the “the customer is always right” attitude. Pick one question and answer it in depth.

  • As a customer, do you believe that you are always right and that companies should cater to what you want to have?
  • As an employee, what do you do when you believe the customer is right, but the company leaves you no option to assist the customer?
  • As the management of a business, what can you do to empower your employees to help customers, but prevent them from “giving away the farm?”


3. In 200-250 word count respond to the following:

You are manager of a medical practices facility. You are concerned about the “patient experience” of your customers. The organization recently opened new offices and hired additional reception people and office personnel but the number of doctors is the same.

Other feedback suggests that patients get frustrated when waiting too long for a doctor, that the examination rooms are sometimes too cold, and that they are concerned about the spread of germs in the waiting room.

How could you gather more information about these issues and get other concerns voiced? Be careful to not ask “leading” questions. Let the participant express thoughts in his or her own words. Assume you will have 12 people in the group and all have visited the practice within the past two months.

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