Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in the Discussion Board:

  1. Distinguish between the regular and special sessions of the Texas legislature. Describe the specific features of each and explain the role of the governor.
  2. Identify the legislative tools of persuasion available to the governor and describe how they are used to influence the legislative process. Explain which tools are most effective
  3. How does Texas rank in the number of prisoners, use of the death penalty, and in the success of the system? Is the system working, and is it working for all Texans equally?
minimum 400 words on which one topic you choose! Then with the statement below agree with a minimum 200 words make sure there separate paragraphs.

3. How does Texas rank in the number of prisoners, use of the death penalty, and in the success of the system?  Is the system working, and is it working for all Texans equally?

Answer: With some very simple and easy investigations I got some updated numbers of Texas prisoners in comparison to the other 49 states. According to US department of Justice, Texas total number of prisoners in 2013 was 168,280, and in 2014 was 166,043. This number does so .19 percent progress between the years’ time. It is very difficult to compare this state incarceration rate to another due to the size and population difference. However, the State of California only showed a percent of change for the same years of 0.1. Texas does have the death penalty in place. I am not a criminal nor do I associated with criminals however I do believe before I committed a crime I would consider the possible punishment for my actions. The system is working in my opinion due to the crime rates are going down. They might not be dropping in the way that we might like to see but they are dropping. As stated in the textbook on page 301 “From 1982 to 1992, the state’s crime rate increased 12 percent so that its citizens suffered 44,583 reported robberies, 9,424 reported rapes, 86,196 reported aggravated assaults, and 2,239 reported murders in the last of those years.16 In the early 1990s, however, the crime rate began to decline and continued to fall through the decade. It remained essentially level through the first decade of the new millennium, and remained below its 1992 level.” This very simple put fact shows that even though the system is not perfect it is effective. Now the question is asked that is it working equally for all people. I believe that it is not working for all Texans equally. It is most due to the fact that to get competent and reputable legal representation is very expensive. I also believe that the more money you pay the more likely you are going to be favored at the end of the day. For example, a street level criminal will most likely be found guilty of his crime when compared to a fortune 500 company executive. I do ask myself if there is a way to fix this in our local government. I cannot think of a way that would make it equal a crossed the board.

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