Re: Topic 1 DQ 2  Great post also in 2010 the Institute of Medicine(IOM) issued the Future  of Nursing leading  changes in Advancing Health (Institute of Medicine, 2010a)The report not  only informs and highlightes the needs for changes in nursing education  to meet the  changing face fo healthcare but also recommends  the nursing profession increase  the number of registered nurses (RNs) with bachelors degree in nursing (BSN) to 80% by the year 2020(IOM,2010a).The increase in complexity of care is one of the many reasons  driving the IOM recommendation.(NursingLicense.org,2016)with facilities believing that the associate  degree nurses are well trained to manage the day -to -day task  but healthcare today requires more than what is  taught in ADN program. Need APA RERENCE AND INTEX CITATION FOR THIS RESPONSE 

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