Drug X was administered after surgery to half of the following patients in other to determine whether the recovery time could be improved.

Amount of Hours during Recovery:

1)Men with Drug X: 32, 33.75, 30.25, 26.5, 28.25, 27, 31.5, 28, and 27.75

2)Men without Drug X: 38, 39.5, 40.25, 36.25, 37, 35.75, 34.25, 38.25, and 31.25

3)Women with Drug X: 34.5, 32.75, 35.25, 30, 30.5, and 31.75

4)Women without Drug X: 35.75, 38.5, 33.75, 33, 34.5, and 32

Classes (25.6-28.5), (28.6-32.6), (32.6-36.5), and (36.6-41.5)

Complete the following six activities, referring to the study description. Include all nexessay graphs and charts with the answers.

1. Using the four classes, create a frequency table, relative frequency table, and cumulative frequency table for each of the four groups listed above.

2. Create a histogram and a relative frequency histogram for each of the groups.

3. Identify the shape of the distribution of each of the groups.

4. Identify which of the relative frequency histrograms in part B would also be considered a Pareto chart. Explain your answer.

5. Create an ogive for each of the groups.

6. Create a pie-chart for the total number of people in the study and the average recovery time for each group.

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