earth science atmosphere paper

look at what is attached to see what is written below in a better format



Hydrosphere Article

Paper Instructions

Find an arti

cle in the mainstream press related to the hydrosphere module of the

course, write a short summary of the article and relate the article to a particular topic we are

covering in the hydrosphere module


Total length of the paper should be between 450 and 550


Include illustrations if they are clearly labeled and informative.

You must give a

complete citation to the article you have chosen to summarize


Use any


source of


, try a

ny of the following to get started: New York Times, Scientific American, PBS,

the BBC.

When using the internet be discerning and look for reliable unbiased sources. Do not

copy and paste from your sources, write the paper in your own words, you must subm

it your

paper via Turnitin a plagiarism checking app that allows you and me to see if passages of text

have been lifted directly from previously published material. Plagiarism is

“the practice of

taking somebody else’s work or ideas and passing them off a

s your own” notice I put quotes

around that definition because I took it from the google dictionary



I will grade your paper using the following



Introduce the


and state what made you pick this

one. 10 points.


Summarize the article in your own words, one way to organize this is to aim to write one

or two



for every

paragraph or section of the article (depending on how long

the article is). 3

0 points.


Give some basic


information about


e topic discussed in the article, relate

it to an aspect of the hydrosphere module of the course. 3

0 points.


Write a short conclusion summarizing everything. 10 points.


10 p

oints for spelling, punctuation and

grammar accuracy.


10 points for citation of s

ources in a clear and consistent format of your choice.

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