easy article questions 1

Please complete the following assignmentThey should be a minimum of 500 words.

In his article, Momaday brings up a wide range of ideas. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. The connection between imagination, identity, and language/expression.
  2. Living/racial memory and remembrance of events not directly experienced.
  3. Words as magic that can bring images and people to life.
  4. Oral versus written culture and communication styles, and how they shape one’s view of the world.
  5. Land, and how it gets “hold of” you.
  6. The history of the Kiowa people, their rise and fall, and how this is maintained through the stories they tell.
  7. Using narrative to cope with sorrow and traumatic events.
  8. Ecology, and a connection with the land.
  9. How one imagines oneself in relationship to others, ethics, and morals.
  10. The Sun Dance, ritual, ceremony, and a ‘sense of play’.
  11. “The questions that interest him the most”.
  12. His 5 points.
  13. Understanding all historical narratives as inherently biased.
  14. Transforming oral history into literature and the process and care required to do so accurately and robustly.
  15. “Psychic dislocation in time and space” because of our separation from the land.

Please choose (at least) one of these topics, and search for at least 3 quotations connected to it/them. Then, take some time to explain what you felt Momaday was saying, and how you felt about it. You don’t need to make an argument, per se, but you should translate and react. How do his ideas translate (or not translate) to your life? Why did you pick that specific idea to focus on? What about his words shocked, fascinated, or perplexed you. Did you see a gap, a tension, an ambiguity, a difficulty, a contradiction? How/why?

i will upload the article in the files section.

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