1.Over the years, the income gap has widened and the middle class has all but disappeared.  The wealthy, mainly entrepreneurs, continue to get richer while the poor get poorer.  Explain if you are for or against capitalism.  Be sure to include an analysis of whether there should be restrictions on how much profit a firm can earn, tax burden/contribution of the rich, quality of life for citizens of a country, command vs. free-market vs. mixed societies, and whether you think the average person has a negative view of business.

2.Identify a firm on the Fortune 500 list or a firm known for its sustainability principles, e.g. Patagonia or Wal-Mart.  Explain their sustainability or corporate responsibility mandate and its benefit to the firm and its customers.

3. Search the web for articles related to the stock market decline over the past week.  What were the factors driving the decline?  Do you think analysts concerns are founded?  please provide 2-3 points in favor of globalization.

apa style

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