edmg final submission 1

You are writing a grant proposal for the FEMA FY 2009 Emergency Operations Center Grant Program as found at http://www.floridadisaster.org/Response/engineers/…. Information on the grant is also found in the course documents. You have been tasked with submitting this with no assigned assistance. The information gained from parts A – D will assist your work. You think that eight weeks is not enough time for something like this but often federal grants open and close in an even shorter period of time. I am providing a submission document for your guidance in the course documents that is highly simplified from the normal federal documents. The grant documents that FEMA sent out are also included so you can see that they are in a new form of English. The course documents will be far easier for you to work on.

The sections of the grant that you will work on for the finishing touches of your Course Project Final Submission are as follows:

I. Investment Impact

Describe how the project efficiently enhances EOC capabilities in a response.

Page Limit: Not to exceed a ½ page response


Describe how the project will enhance emergency management capabilities for the State, local, or tribal applicant

Describe how the project will accomplish this in a cost effective manner

II. Pre-Existing Planning

Describe any pre-existing planning efforts that have been conducted for this investment.

Response Type Narrative

Page Limit Not to exceed ½ page response


Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the deficiencies noted in the facility assessment, including:

Architectural plans developed

Permits in Place

Description of any pre-existing planning that has taken place relative to the proposed project

Description of hazard-resistance design guidance utilized as part of the pre-existing planning, such as but not limited to

FEMA 426/452 for identifying and mitigating man-made and terrorist threats

FEMA 361 and FEMA 543 for identifying and mitigating flood and wind hazards

FEMA 310 (ASCE 31) and FEMA 356 for identifying and mitigating seismic hazards

Description of any current activities that have taken place relative to rectifying the identified deficiencies or needs identified in the assessment

As I said earlier, I am including the documents so you can see what you will have to deal with in the real world and if you were really applying you would need to fill out large amounts of government paper, but I am not cruel enough to force that on you, so here is what you must do:

Prepare a narrative of all the information required by Parts A – D, per the Course Project EOC Grant Outline and then provide the additional information concerning Investment Impact and Pre-Existing Planning requested above. Submit your application as an APA-compliant paper.

Once again, remember, I am your FEMA/DHS contact for this course and if you have a question you should contact me.

Submit this at the Course Project Final Submission Assignment.

Please No Plagiarism

Please use APA formatting style and intext citations

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