education majors as a discourse community

  • Topic I chose was education as a discourse community and how it is important in order to educate future generations.
  • Important aspects of paper are shown below
    • Create an argument about the value, worth, and importance of your DC
    • Use research (minimum 5 sources) to expand and complicate your ideas, thus creating new knowledge
    • Use effective visuals (a minimum of 2) in your paper and an infographic, graph, chart, or model (minimum 1)
    • Look at your DC in-depth, giving your audience a holistic view of the DCs practices, uses of specific language, criteria for membership, conventions, goals, and the genres used
    • Write in the vein of a scholar for a scholarly audience who you assume is interested in your DC
  • Be a minimum of 5 pages (not including a works cited)
  • Create a controlled and incisive argument
  • Incorporate visuals and sources effectively
  • Conform to MLA format and look “pretty”

****Attached below is the rubric in its entirty *****

also attached are notes given to me from my professor in order to help outline what the paper should include

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