eng1101 evaluation paper

  1. What is the dominant theme of this piece? How do you know this theme exists? What does the literary piece say about that theme and how is it expressed in the piece?
  2. What was one major symbol used in your chosen piece? What was the significance of this symbol in understanding the overall meaning of the piece? How was this expressed in the piece?
  3. What was the major conflict in your chosen piece? Was it external (character vs. the world) or internal (character vs. themselves)? How did encountering this conflict change the protagonist over the length of the piece?

Construct a clear argument answering these questions for one of the topics and use specific textual evidence from the story to support and develop your stance. Your essay should contain a thesis statement that gives me an idea of how you will back this point up and how your support will be organized throughout. It should also fulfill the other requirements of your rubric.

This paper should include significant textual evidence (properly documented quotes or paraphrases from your chosen reading) to support your thesis. In addition, since we are part of a larger conversation about literary analysis, the use of credible, properly documented, academic literary criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

650 words (two pages double spaced 12 point font). Please include your name, a title, the date, and your class hour at the top, as well as page numbers throughout.

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