english comp 102 essay

How does the story you choose show how myths are essential in creating and perpetuating social norms, and also impact personal identity?

You have to answer the question using one of the readings that I linked at the bottom and you also have to make up an interview fit based on the reading and that best fits your needs. You do not need a copy of the interview included in the essay but you need to quote from the interview that you created based on the reading you want to choose. I will also attach the assignment along with 2 readings, choose 1 for the essay. The assignment also says that you will receive bonus points if you quote from an essay “Cassandra Among the Creeps” I will also add a link to that that. Remember: you have to make us a fake interview,which best fits needs to write the essay and quote from it in paragraphs. You need to quote both from interview and a reading multiple times, This needs to be done by Wednesday March 7th by 7pm est.

Should be in MLA format


How to date a browngirl: https://docmadson.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/diaz…

Girl : http://www.saginaw-twp.k12.mi.us/view/8490.pdf

Cassandra among the creeps : https://harpers.org/archive/2014/10/cassandra-amon…

Message me with any questions please, will tip more if done with effort

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