english essay 116

Assignment: Comparison Essay

Answer the following question in a clear, well-crafted paper (500-750 words). Be sure to cite specific details from the text in your answer.

1.) Compare Psalm 23 and The Sermon on the Mount. The works have similar themes, or messages. What is the main idea of each work? How are the works alike? How are they different? How is the style, or genre, of each work appropriate to its purpose? (These questions are meant to give you some guidance to compare the two works, but you will need to choose one or two of these questions to answer, or create your own comparison. You can’t answer all of these questions well in 1-2 pages.)

NOTE: According to APA formatting, reference citations are not required for ancient Greek or Roman works or classic religious works, so you don’t have to list the Bible in your reference list. However, you do need to provide in-text citations. See the following resource for examples and more information: http://libguides.adu.edu/apa/bible

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