Assignment 3: Paragraph Writing—Greatest Success: Final Submission

In this assignment you will add adverbs, adjectives, and pronouns and identify them in your final draft. In addition, using the information from Modules 1–4 and suggestions you have received from your instructor( Attached below), you will revise your paragraph for your final submission.

For your final submission, include the following in your paragraph:

  • At least two different pronouns that correctly agree with their respective antecedents in gender and number. Identify the pronouns in the paragraph by putting them in italics.
  • Four adjectives or adverbs that enhance the descriptions in your paragraph. You should have already incorporated these words into your paragraph for the M3: Assignment 3 discussion posting. Identify the descriptive words by placing them in bold.

Example: My piano teacher’s words were harsh. However, as I climbed the stairs with shaking legs, I thought about what she really meant.

Your final draft should also follow these standards:

  • All sentences should conform to conventions of Standard English grammar.
  • Sentences are well formed and are complete without any run-ons or fragments.
  • Verb forms are appropriately used.
  • The paragraph contains 150–200 words.

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