essay argument essay

The essay should be “Argument essay” and the topicisabout causes of happiness (what are things in the life that make us happy) as the outline:

I will need an introduction

Body 1

family and friends

Body 2




and also conclusion.

The essay should be 7 pages and add to that also reference page that has 7 sources, one of them book

Using MLA style.

In the essay, you need to make two sentences that are paraphrased( please highlight these sentences and let me know where I can find them in the articles because the teacher will ask me about them).

Also for the rest of the paper you can make summary for the references you use (I want to know exactly places of sentences that you make summary on them) highlight them and let me know where I can find them in the articles.

I also have provided you with the outline that you need to follow. I want you to edit it as so that it matches with the essay you will write. I will need to submit both the outline and the essay as well.

I also have some reference you will find them in the outline. Please look at them and see if they are appropriate or you can add yours. Some you may need to use as the book. I have attached you the chapter of the book that you will need to use.

If you have any more question please let me know !

please note : please this essay need to be very very basic, so do not use big vocab, the goal is just to teach us how to make summary and paraphrase. Use the sources that we have

Thank you

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