essay comparison contrast

You will be writing an essay that uses the comparison/contrast and/or cause/effect strategies you learned about in this module. Your paper should be at least 500 words in length (2 full typed pages, double spaced). It can be longer, but not shorter than 500 words. If you consult outside sources, be sure to cite them according to MLA guidelines.

Using Catton’s essay as an example, write a five-paragraph comparison contrast essay about two currently well-known figures OR about two people in your life. The most important factor to consider in choosing these individuals is that they share enough similarities to be contrasted. Contrast them in terms of three factors or bases of comparison.

al-Assad and Hitler: Compare and Contrast Essay

Thesis Statement: Whereas al-Assad’s effort to eradicate rebels from his country is different from Hitler’s extermination of Jews, both individuals are driven by the same philosophy and level of cruelty.

This was my professor feedback: Good Heidy! Focus the idea about the philosophy so that maybe you address two areas of their philosophy. Their philosophy about what? Aim to list 3 bases of comparison for your thesis. 

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