essay review a local government budget

Essay 4

2. Complete and Submit Writing Assignment 4 (worth up to 10 points). This assignment allows you to review a local government budget. All governmental units must meet statutory requirements for adoption of their respective public agency budget. The difficulties of this task and sophistication of budgeting approaches vary widely. In this exercise, you have the opportunity to gain in-depth, firsthand experience in reviewing a local budget.

Select one city from the following list:

City of Phoenix Budget and Research Department ( – use the most recent budget available

City of Tucson Budget Division ( – use the most recent adopted budget available

City of Yuma Finance Department ( – use the most recent budget available

Find the city’s budget document through their website and review it. Respond to the questions below in complete sentences (double spaced and use APA formatting for citations and references). You can respond to each question individually; you do not need to write a cohesive essay. Include appropriate links to the course readings and additional research.

  1. How is the budget organized? What are some of the major assumptions (e.g., economic growth, revenue, etc.) that are made with the budget?
  2. Does the budget document identify goals to guide the city over the fiscal period? What are they?
  3. What opportunities and challenges does the document identify for the city? What approaches are recommended to address the opportunities and challenges, if any?
  4. What ‘policy’ issues are discussed?
  5. What approaches are taken to monitor, measure, and evaluate performance?
  6. What type of information is presented on department operations?
  7. Is the document user-friendly or user-unfriendly? Explain.
  8. How are capital improvements presented and funded?
  9. Are recommended budgetary changes clear?
  10. What improvements would you recommend? What would make the budget more understandable and user-friendly from an interested citizen’s perspective? Are the city’s goals/objectives clear, and are there plans to meet them? Can you obtain a feel for how an individual agency or department is performing from the budget document? Is the terminology clear throughout the document?

Submit your writing assignment through the link located below the weekly overview information (scroll to the bottom of the screen). Be sure to click the Submit button.

Writing Assignment Deadlines and Points to Remember:

  • Writing assignment is due by the end of the week, Sunday.
  • Make sure you review the Grading Rubrics (accessed via the Grading Rubrics link from the course menu). Points for this assignment are earned based on the Writing Assignment Rubric, so be sure to review the criteria of how points will be awarded,
    • In particular note that, among other criterion, you will need to incorporate connections to the course readings into your analysis.
      • Specifically, include 3 in-text citations in APA format to course materials in support of your analysis.
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