estranged labor and the human side of enterprise reading questions

7 Questions based on Estranged Labor” and “The Human Side of Enterprise” Please read both of these to answer the following questions. No outside source. Every answers are in the reading.

In 1951, sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote the book White Collar: The American Middle Classes.In his chapter “Work”, C. Wright Mills applies theories of alienation, i.e. “estrangement”, and the history of the meanings of labor to the modern white collar worker.He charts the change in the meaning of work in order to discuss the manner in which post-WWII, modern white collar workers perceive their work, and to suggest the broader societal implications for their change in attitude.

1) What are the two historical approaches used to define the meaning of work?

2) Are Mills’ modern white collar workers different from middle class, white collar workers of the past?Explain.

3) What are the conditions of work of modern white collar workers?

4) What frames of acceptance do modern white collar workers use with regard to their work?5) Do you believe that C. Wright Mills’ assessment of modern white collar workers applies to today’s white collar workers?

5) Explain “the Big Split”.

6) Using Marx’s argument, are white collar workers “estranged”? Explain.

7) Using McGregor’s argument, how can management use Theory Y or Theory X to motivate them to increase their productivity?

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