ethical decision making ethical issues 1

Part 1 Regarding ethical decision-making and negotiation methods. Negotiating has typically been viewed as a no-holds-barred game of liar’s poker. In other words, we have the expectation here in United States that negotiators will conceal or distort information to get what they want. But is this always the case? Is it necessarily beneficial to the negotiator? In your post: • Explain the role of ethics in negotiations. • Describe situations where it might not be best to take complete advantage of the other side in negotiations. • Evaluate the win-win approaches to negotiations that watch for the best interests of both parties. • Assess if ethical negotiations and win-win negotiations are feasible in the real world. Support your opinion with a recent real-life example such as UAW/Chrysler. Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for posting expectations. Part 2 “Ethical Issues in the Global Marketplace” opens up the potential for an unlimited number of Discussions. Pick one nation, where the boundaries of business ethics are regularly tested (Trade Policy, Intellectual Property, Worker Safety or . . . . ) and provide some BRIEF (2-5 sentences) background and then describe the essence of the issue with a two-word essential paradox. For example a country with a vague IP policy, regarding pharmaceutical patents, could be described as “publicly secretive”–their purposeful vagueness leads to more generics. The point of this Discussion is to embrace the paradox as a tool for creative breakthroughs. An essential paradox, often, in a very succinct way, gets to the essence of an issue. It can provide unexpected insight. Too often a paradox is seen as the end of a discussion, ie a puzzle too hard to solve. But going back, even to Aristotle, thinkers have been intrigued with the power of paradox for stimulating new thinking.

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