ethical theory

word document (Attach as a file to assignment folder), Standard MLA, 12-point Times New Roman, Double Spaced.

explain the ethical theory that is being put forward and your assessment of it.

required to include:

-A thesis that incorporates your assessment of the ethical theory being analyzed.

-The major components of the ethical theory you are analyzing and the implications of this theory.

-The argument (i.e. the premises) that supports the ethical theory provided by the author.

– What points you think are strong about the theory.

-At least two criticisms or fallacies that you find in the argument, and whether or not this criticism undermines the overall argument.

Note: In the context of this paper, “critique” means that you provide a detailed analysis and assessment of the argument, acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses. It does not mean that you are to tear it apart, which is sometimes how critique is used in popular media.

Rubric for an ‘A’ analysis (100 points total)

Points Possible

Points Earned



Student’s Thesis: A critical thesis is stated in the introduction that organizes the paper into a clear framework of how the argument is critiqued, and it accurately reflects what is presented in the paper.


Ethical Theory of the Philosopher: Student clearly identifies the ethical theory of the author without distortions, and identifies the implications of this theory.


Argument for the Theory: Analysis clearly lays out the important points in support of the theory and explains how they fit together.


Identifies Strengths: Student credits the author in terms of points that are strong, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the author.


Identifies Weaknesses or Fallacies: Students identifies at least two fallacies or points of criticism against the argument, and explains whether these undermine the strength of the argument.


Surface Features and Organization: The paper is free from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Writing is of an economic style, and the paper is clearly framed by a thesis and clear structure.

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