ethics for participants coaches and sport officials 1

hi everyone I’m here today I need your help to do a powerpoint about( Ethics for participants, coaches & sport officials)

this topic releted to the chapter 4 in Book ( sports ethics for sports management professionals) by Patrick k Thornton

I do not have the book so if you can find it or you can get chapter 4 anywhere this is going to be awesome.

and for this powerpoint we have to follow some strategies ;

Title page

(names, chapter number and title, class name and section)

Table of contents

(explains the order of your PowerPoint)

There are at least 15 slides

(this does not include title page or table of contents)

Key Terms (at least 8)

Content Accuracy

Create 5 questions that are answered in the PowerPoint


Why is this chapter important for Sport

Management Professionals?

Spelling and Grammar

Video pertaining to your assigned chapter no longer than 10 minutes

(in 4-5 sentences explain why you selected the video)


now this is the stratges

good luck

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