Below is a discussion post that I must reply to.  The reply must be at least 6 sentences that can consist of just your thoughts on the post or additions to the post. Nothing extravegant. 

Ethics mean what is morally right or wrong, what makes sense or doesn’t make sense. It is the aid of reasoning, a thought of some sort of correction. Philosophers give us a method for solving ethical problems by showing us or giving us different scenarios or problems to see how we will reply and or react to a situation. Philosophy gives these methods by showing us that we make moral and ethical thinking in our every day lives us knowing it. I think an understanding of logic and critical thinking is essential for the ethics because when “doing” ethics you have to keep an open mind and be able to understand all reasoning. I believe you have to be a critical thinker in ethics to read outside the lines and even read deeper for better understanding. We can object true answer when it comes to ethics by providing facts. Having proof of what is true or not even if a person wants to agree with you are not.      

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